{Savory | Vegan Sushi}

And it’s easy to make!


I first had this at a local vegan place. But…I thought $15 for 5 “rolls” was a bit much, especially since it was vegan and didn’t contain any fancy fish.


I looked at the ingredient list and felt that I could make something similar at a much lower price point.  I love being right!


Almond butter (walnut butter works too)

onion powder (or finely freshly ground)

garlic powder (or finely freshly ground)

parsley power (or finely freshly ground)

carrots (julienne)

cumin powder

lemon juice

sea salt


nori (seaweed wraps)

sushi roller (optional but helpful)



1) the almond butter needs to cover most of the seaweed wrap, so scoop out enough in a bowl that will do so. Eye ball it. To make 3 rolls, I used half a jar of almond butter.

2) To the almond butter add a little bit of water, about half a little less than half a cup. This breaks up the consistency so it isn’t so thick. Then add in onions, garlic, parsley, cumin, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, and a pinch of sea salt — add more or less to taste. This isn’t exact science. Then stir! stir! stir!  

3) Peel, cute, julienne carrots

Unroll the sushi roller and place single piece of seaweed onto it.

4) Spread almond butter onto the seaweed. Cover all the way to the edges.

5) Add carrots in a single layer, on top of carrots add the sprouts, then if you want to go a big mac effect, add another layer of carrots onto of the sprouts.Image

6) Commence rolling. Using the sushi roller, start creating the roll, pushing down slightly as you roll forward. Roll firmly. 


7) Once you have your sushi log, use a cerrated knife to cut into pieces



– It’s hard to describe sushi rolling. It’s much easier to show. I had to youtube how to do a simple sushi roll, there are a ton of video’s on it, I would recommend doing this if you’ve never rolled sushi before.

– Once I’ve made the final roll, sometimes I use a dab of water on the sushi to make the seaweed seam stick together

– I will mush and pinch along the final log to make sure everything is tightly packed together

– After the rolls are cut, if there is room, I will use a chop stick to stuff in some more sprouts (be gentle so it doesn’t make the roll pop)



Ta da! Vegan Sushi Rolls!  Let me know how you made yours and if you made any variations!







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