{Savory | Vegan Low Carb Soup}



I just threw a bunch of left over veggies into a pot and let it simmer a few minutes and to it I added delicious kimchi. Here’s what I made:

1) 3 cups of water to boil

2) Added gluten free soy sauce (Tamari) – I eyeballed the amount and tasted the broth until it was salty enough for it

3) Once everything came to a boil I added mushrooms, green beans, watercress and arugula (basically whatever greens was left in the fridge, so use whatever you want!), and let everything boil for about a minute or so – again, I eyeballed it

4) Turned off the heat and put everything into a bow, and to it added a solid dollop of delicious kimchi

Terrific, easy low carb vegan weekday dinner!


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