{Savory | Kale Chips}


Everyone has been raving about how Kale chips are “just like potato chips”. They’re nothing like potatoes chips. Seriously. Nothing can every really replace the deliciousness of a potato chips. That crunch! The salt! The mouthful of soul shattering oil!

Kale chips are made from…kale, a vegetable. There’s no comparison!


That doesn’t mean Kale Chips aren’t good. They are delicious in fact! Just a different type of deliciousness from potato chips.

Making Kale Chips is also super easy, and you can customize the flavor to however you want. I like a good old fashioned salt and garlic Kale Chip.

Here’s my method:

{Kale Chips}

Preheat over to 350

1) Tear Kale leaves into bite sized pieces (wash them, and dry them really really really well, not a lick of water on them or they won’t crisp up right)

3) In a bowl, throw in the torn off kale leaves, add in a little oil (coconut oil, olive oil, whatever you want), just enough to cover the leaves.

4) Then sprinkle in a little dried garlic, a pinch of dried onion, and some salt. I don’t have any measurements, because I leave the amount and intensity of flavor up to you. You can munch of leaves as you go, so you know just how much of the spices you want to put in

5) Take a cookie sheet, and lay out all the kale leaves on it in one layer.

6) Put it in the oven for about 7 minutes (I start checking it at 5 minutes), and let it cook until it has “crisped” up to your satisfaction. Take it out and let it cool.

Please know, the kale chips, will never be as crispy as a potato chip. But, they are fast, easy and healthy snack to have on hand!


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