{Savory | Warm Me Up Sesame Miso Soup w/ Grilled Tofu}

It just keeps getting colder and colder! It’s gotten to the point where I have my space heater blowing hot air directly in my face. I’m now considering turning the oven for extra heat.  I can be dramatic like that.

For this soup I did add an egg. I was craving an egg, so in went an egg. And ofcourse, I ate it with kimchi.

IMG_4582 IMG_4583

{Warm Me Up Sesame Miso Soup w/ Grilled Tofu}

1) firm tofu
2) 2 miso paste (but if you want saltier you can use more)
3) dried seaweed (optional)
4) watercress (optional)
5) quinoa (optional)*
6) peas (optional)*
7) egg (optional)
kombu seaweed
9) sesame oil

*the quinoa and peas I had as left over dinner last night and I just wanted to use up so I just threw it in my soup

1) dry off the tofu, cut into your preferred shape, and grill on either side until it has the type of grilling texture you think you like. Just make sure you really dry the tofu, or the wetness will cause oil splash back, which is annoying to clean up.

2) while tofu grilling, boil hot water for the soup, add in a few pieces of kombu. they say to use it only to flavor the soup and you shouldn’t eat it since its really thick texture..but sometimes I eat it…so up to you.

3) Once water is boiled turn down heat to low – add egg and grilled tofu.

4) Now, place the 2 tablespoon miso into a separate l bowl. Pour some of the soup water into this small bowl (I poured in about 2 ladle-fulls and soften the miso and whisk everything together. Once combined, pour contents of this small bowl back into main soup pot…. the reason to do this is it gives the miso that nice bloom in the soup, and doesn’t kill all the nutritional miso properties from over boiling it.

5) Take your serving bowl and put some watercress. Pour broth into bowl. float a few pieces (or a lot of pieces) of dried seaweed ontop.

Other topping considerations:
– chopped spring onion
– shitake mushrooms
– kimchi
– rice cakes


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