{Sweet | Souful Vegan Hot Chocolate}

Very occasionally, even when it is an “on” day, I still just throw it all to the wind. Today, I needed just that… hotchocolate

My heart and soul feels has been achey and I needed a treat-myself-gently day. Added to this, the 18 degree temperature made me just want to cuddle up inside and hibernate. So today, I gave myself the freedom to do…nothing.

My first treat of the day was my good morning flour free pancakes,watched videos, made my comforting miso vegan soup that I’ve made before, and I drank lots of dandelion tea.

I ended the day with a delicious mug of hemp-hazelnut-milk hot chocolate. Instead of soy or almond milk (which are also possibilities too!), I chose these two because I find them to be a little thicker and nuttier tasting, and I wanted that nutty richness paired with the chocolate. I wanted a thick creamy hot chocolate. To further enhance the creamy texture I also added just a tad of coconut cream, I had on hand. This isn’t necessary if you don’t have it, but if you do, just a dollop really helps the hot chocolate pop. Not too much though! Coconut cream is high in calories and I didn’t want the coconut flavor to outshine the smooth chocolate richness.

My soulful vegan hot chocolate was delightful!

Everyone needs a treat-their-soul-well-day. When it comes time for yours, might I suggest trying my hot chocolate? It is super flavorful and easy.


{Soulful Vegan Hot Chocolate}

1/2 hemp milk

1/2 hazelnut milk

1/3 cup coconut cream

2 – 3 tablespoons of cacao powder

maple syrup to taste

cinnamon to taste

1) In a saucepan heat the hemp and hazelnut milk, until it is almost about to boil. Lower heat right then.

2) Add in the cacao powder and coconut cream and whisk, turning heat back up. Continue to whisk until all the bumpbs smooth out. I do not let it come to a boil, just right to the point before boil.

3) Add maple syrup and cinnamon taste.


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