{Snapshot Catchup: NYC}


It has been uncomfortably cold in New York.  It makes me just want to stay in and snuggle under the covers to stay warm.  For this past weekend B and I got a bottle of wine and played chess while the wind howled outside. We did venture out for dinner one night, a new sushi/ramen restaurant in Tribeca, which was… ok, but definitely not Ippudo quality ramen. Their Lychee Sochu drinks were delicious though!

We also made one more trip out to The Groiler Club for their exhibition on “Rooms of Wonder”. Here’s a snipper from the NY Times on the exhibition: Many exhibitions convey the propulsive force of human curiosity, but few manage to do so as engrossingly and with as much immediacy as “Rooms of Wonder: From Wunderkammer to Museum, 1599-1899,” a lavish repast of illustrated rare books and ephemera at the Grolier Club. The appetite for knowledge about foreign lands, unfamiliar animals and all the workings of the world — both natural and man-made — permeates this show, which delves into the origins of the modern museum. Full article link here

Thank you for visiting and enjoy my snap shot catch up below!


Ramen restaurant in Tribeca


Bikram Yoga in Herald Square – gorgeous and clean yoga studio!


The Groiler Club Exhbition – on the second floor is all the rare books that they collect, members only!





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