{Healthware | Lemon Water Benefits}

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I read somewhere that Hugh Jackman’s doctor told him the best way to prevent colds is to drink a cup of warm lemon water every morning – before the coffee.  I did some online research on this and this is actually highly recommended by a lot of nutritionists. A slice of lemon in warm water first thing in the morning soothes the stomach, and supposedly alkalizes the intestine preparing it for breakfast (I’m a bit suspicious about this claim). Further, a bit of lemon in water is a great source of simple Vitamin C (this I do believe), which your body loves and needs to boost immunity.

Now, I pre-cut slices of lemon, put it in tupperware, and every morning take a slice and put it in a cup. To it I pour in some boiling water, let it cool a tiny bit and drink it before I drink my coffee.

I’ve found that it has definitely soothed my stomach (I have a rather sensitive stomach), has the tiniest gentle-ist laxative effect to cleanse out my system before I start eating for the day, and an unexpected perk – it’s really made my skin look brighter and healthier.