{Not Vegan |Omakase Dinner At Ushiwakamaru}


Is it rude to call up a five star restaurant and ask for delivery? Cuz Ushiwakamaru had some drool worthy pieces of sushi that I currently want in my belly, but I do not want to trek downtown to eat it and pay the exorbitant eat-in prices.

Here is a link to the restaurant, so you can read the reviews and details yourself and come to your own conclusion of the place: http://www.yelp.com/biz/ushiwakamaru-new-york

It was Day 6 of 5 day Vegan, so it was a definite eat-whatever-I-want night. I had been craving sushi, and I am on a quest to compare Ushi against Sushi Yasuda (the latter being the heavyweight and sushi places of all sushi places). I snagged a reservation for Carnivore Man and myself and ordered the omakase.

There were some definite winners: white shrimp, Japanese Uni (which is different than west coast Uni), red snapper, and needlefish – these were all new for me and they WERE DELICIOUS!

Ofcourse I’ve had sushi before, but I’ve never had omakase sushi like this. Omakase is where you set a price, and you let the sushi chef pick different pieces of fish for you to eat. Most of the Ushi’s fish is flown in directly from Japan, daily.

The meal and the ambiance (and company) was definitely a fantastic night out and memorable.  Sushi Yasuda is next, and once I go there, I will do a comparison. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a photo: