{Snapshot Catchup | Philadelphia}


This is Philadelphia City Hall. Sometimes, when I try to look at this picture with fresh set of eyes, it looks like some small town in old world Europe.


On my non-vegan day, I took B out to Tinto, a basque style tapas place owned by Iron Chef winner Jose Garces. I used to love this place. Not sure if eating vegan has changed my tastebuds, but the dishes were either too salty or too sweet. The thing that really had a party in my mouth was the pork belly (pictured above, top photo); but how can you go wrong with pork belly?

I’m now back in NYC and begrudgingly still running in the cold.


{Snapshot Catchup | scenes from my run and lululemon}

Lululemon is my one and old frenemy. I adore their stylish workout wear but dislike their high high prices. I’m always scoping out their we made to much section for any good deals. For once, I found one! I got their run mittens and neck warmer, two running pieces that I was missing and really needed for this cold weather. The hot pink is a bit to hot for me, but the mittens are functional and I adore the pretty blue of the neck warmer. Each were on clearance for $20!
{Snapshot Catchup}
A giant row of beautiful trees alight with twinkling lights as I finish my run
Harry Winston store all lit up for the holidays